Fetish Philes has re-opened for submissions.

I am only accepting sites from
Trusted Submitters

Due to ridiculous volumes of spam submissions, I've been forced add user authentication
to the submit page. All trusted submitters at LOR are welcome, and if that includes
youyou then just stop by the
Webmaster Forums at Greenguy & Jim
and either send a PM to "MadMax" or post in the
Link Lists & Getting Listed Forum.

If you build free sites you really should be posting at Greenguy & Jim, but
that's just a sincere suggestion. If you're interested in a submit account
but don't post on the board, feel free to send an email with your requested
username and password, along with at least two samples of your work, to
webmaster [at] fetishphiles [dot] com

I've got plenty of traffic, and I'm always happy to share :)


Yes, I know there are a lot of rules. Read them.
They're designed to maintain quality traffic for everyone, and there isn't
anything here that isn't a pretty much standard rule on most link lists.

  1. Trusted submitters at Link-o-Rama submit with the LOR Trusted Submitter rules.
  2. Category recips are no longer required, but if you're doing it for the other Link Lists on the page then you should be doing it for me. The reciprocal link must appear above the "enter" link and must be with 5-11 other recips from link lists that actually list your sites. Category recips can be found here. , and feel free to drop one of the links if you don't use two link recips for everyone. If you don't use the pretty tables for everyone else, you don't need to use them for me. Again, I just expect to get the same consideration you give to other link lists.
  3. GENERAL RECIP: Fetish Philes Free Porn
    <a href="http://www.fetishphiles.com" title="Fetish Philes Free Links to Extreme and Kinky Porn">Fetish Philes Free Porn </a>
  4. If using category recips, reciprocal links must MATCH THE CONTENT of the site AND the category you submitted to.
  5. You MUST HAVE a clear warning page if your site has adult content.
  6. The word "enter" must only appear once on your warning page, as part of the link to the main page. The word "enter" on a sponsor banner is still misleading.
  7. The title of the site that you submit MUST actually be on the site, at the very least at the top of the warning page.
  8. NO Full Page Ads (FPAs) before the content of the site.
  9. NO FREE EMAIL ADDRESSES. Use your ISP email or an email from one of your domains, and USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS ON EVERY SUBMISSION...if you use multiple emails you MUST BE a cheater, and you will be BLACKLISTED.
  10. NO illegal porn (CP, Zoo, Rape, Warez, Lolita, etc.), NO illegal content. I'll report you to ASACP, you sick fuck
  11. NO consoles, popunders, trojans, dialers, autodownloads or other BS. We promise our surfers "Pop-up Free Porn" and they get it. If your sponsors use consoles that's none of my business unless surfers complain.
  12. No more than 3 links out per page on freesites. This includes links back to your hubs, etc. Reciprocal links to other link lists and/or links to 2257 info do not count, but YOUR 2257 page must have ONLY 2257 info on it.
  13. NO FREE HOSTED SITES. Free hosts have a nasty habit of stealing traffic and redirecting surfers. Also, use good servers. My bot is one bad mutha' who checks all links daily, and will de-list your site if it finds your server down more than 5 times.
  14. Do NOT remove your reciprocal link after your site is approved! YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED BY ME AND MANY OF THE BIGGEST LINK LISTS.
  15. Free sites must have a minimum of 20 pics or 120 seconds of video in 2-3 galleries. Thumbs must be at least 100 pixels on the long side, and full sized pics must be at least 500 pixels on the long side. Thumbs and full sized pics must look good and not be overcompressed. Your full-sized pics should be a maximum of 70k.
  16. Pictures/videos must actually be in some sort of logical order, i.e. the model(s) should not be dressed again halfway through the content.
  17. No full sized pics opening on html pages.
  18. NO BLIND LINKS! Blind or misleading links piss everyone off (including me) and you'll never sell anything with them anyway.
  19. Mouseovers are allowed on your sponsor links to hide referral codes, but must still show the sponsor site's actual URL.
  20. Content must be on the same domain as the site.
  21. We no longer list AVS sites, but PAY SITES are more than welcome. We do ask that you do a couple specific things: Link to us from outside your protected area, and provide a temporary username/password so that we can review the member's area. This is primarily to verify that the content is accurately reflected by the tour and that there is no illegal content. This info will never be shared with anyone!!! PAY SITES are not required to use the standard free site recips...instead you can use one of the reciprocal links located HERE
  22. The whole site must display at 800x600 screen resolution without a horizontal scroll. Most of the world still surfs at 800x600.
  23. Use of sponsor content is starting to get out of hand. Henceforth I will only allow sponsor content if A) it looks decent, B) it hasn't been listed here before and C) the sponsor's tag on the images isn't obnoxious. Believe me, spending the $6.00 on a set of cheap content or buying a mega deal for $75.00 will increase your conversions anyway.
  24. NO MORE CRAPPY VID CAPS!!!! If you submit a site using vid caps as content they'd better be DAMNED GOOD VID CAPS. This is of course a subjective standard, and in the end if we don't think the content is worth listing it won't be.
  25. NO MORE MATURE/DRUNK WOMAN/YOUNGER MAN CONTENT!!!! This has gotten way out of hand. Keep submitting this stuff and you will be BLACKLISTED!
  26. !!!NEW!!! NO MORE SUBDOMAINS!!! Sorry, too many cheaters have been redirecting subdomains on me or finding free hosts I just haven't heard of before, so I no longer allow any submissions on subdomains
  28. If you have questions on your submission, why a submission was declined, or anything else really, please post them in the "Link Lists and Getting Listed" forum on www.GreenGuyandJim.com. We'll see your post and respond, plus you'll get lots of great feedback from other Link List Owners and Free Site Builders.